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Boating’s silver lining in the auto crisis

By Chris Kourtakis, Owner, H20 Limos Marine Service — With the recent announcements of Chrysler closing up to 800 dealers and GM a possible 1,500 dealerships, will this hurt of help the marine industry? More people keep focusing on the negative, but as we all know there is a silver lining to everything. The dealership closings and layoffs could give ...

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How to save industry-wide boat sales

By Mike Hoffman, owner, Marine Center of Indiana — I used to be in the medical business, and back then, I told people that "I sell something that none of my clients really want, but they all need." Now I own a dealership and I enjoy telling people that, "We sell something that everybody wants, but nobody needs." So as ...

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A Public-Private Partnership — Safety of Life at Sea and Boat Dealers

VINCENT PICA, Division Commander, Division-18 (1SR), United States Coast Guard Auxiliary There is a lot of talk these days out of Washington regarding "public-private" partnerships in solving the economic difficulties our economy is in. And it makes a lot of sense for government and business to work together to maximize the effect of programs and policies. There is another public-private ...

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