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David Gee

Tariffs are the talk of the town in D.C.

The U.S. marine industry is facing a 1-2-3 punch from worldwide tariffs on steel and aluminum, anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese aluminum sheets and Section 301 tariffs on nearly 350 marine products. That was the main takeaway at the Trade State of Play: Tariffs, Negotiations & Off-Ramps breakout session at last week’s American Boating Congress. “The administration’s stance on ...

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350 converge on D.C. for ABC 2019

My top takeaway from three days in our nation’s capital for the 2019 edition of the American Boating Congress? That every American, regardless of what it is they do for a living, should spend a day on Capitol Hill, meeting with lawmakers from their district, having their voices and opinions heard, and getting a glimpse into how Washington works. I ...

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Words create our world

Words wield enormous power. They can build up or break down. They can persuade or dissuade. Connect or disconnect. Words can form wonderful pathways of understanding and create a capacity to change. They can open us up to new truths. They can impact the direction of our lives. Yes, words matter. And not just to someone who makes their living ...

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Living (Aboard) the Dream

No, The Dream is not the name of our new boat, although it's not a bad name for a boat. And no, this isn't where we live. Yet. It is, however, a picture taken from a restaurant window in Redondo Beach, California, where we enjoyed a waterside Easter weekend dinner. And it does resemble my future dream; a picture I ...

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Let’s go spring…do your thing!

April 15. It’s highlighted on my calendar every year. No, it’s not a reminder to get my taxes in at the last minute. Rather it’s the average ice-out date on my favorite Minneapolis-area metro lake. And unfortunately, owing to a long and severe winter, we’re not going to make that this year. My favorite lake is big; 15,000 acres to ...

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Permission to Come Aboard

It has been years, perhaps even decades, since I have thought about my first-ever boating experience as a kid. The only reason I am thinking of it now is because my introduction to boating, inauspicious as it was, is a logical place to begin my introductory blog as the new content director for Boating Industry. One of my dad’s jobs ...

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