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The endless benefits of volunteering

In a recent Harvard Business Review blog, Sylvia Ann Hewlett revealed a few surprising statistics that highlight the value of volunteering in creating a happy workforce. For one, 77 percent of recent college graduates said a company’s commitment to social issues is a crucial factor in where they choose to work. Those feelings extend far beyond recent grads. In fact, ...

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What’s behind the shortage of marine workers?

Many in the marine industry have reported a shortage of skilled trade workers. Whether it is mechanics or those involved with the manufacturing side, the current workforce is getting older and replacements just don’t seem available. Even in Detroit, a city that just recently dropped below a 9-percent unemployment rate, marinas are having trouble filling mechanic positions, some of which ...

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Getting the most out of your promotions

Promotions can be a great tool to bring people to your dealership or generate sales leads. But, are you sufficiently promoting your promotion? In a Hubspot Blog article titled “17 Silly Missed Lead Generation Opportunities,” Pamela Vaughan lays out 17 different locations you should be promoting and linking to your special offers. For one, Vaughan recommends strategically placing call-to-action buttons ...

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Need a loan? Turn to your (online) peers

Brent Renneke, associate editor, Boating Industry – The worst of the recession has passed (or at least we hope so), and most marine businesses have welcomed the transition of thought from survival mode to a search for new ways to grow. But, much like surviving the recession, growing in today’s market is not easy. According to a Pepperdine University study, ...

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Turning “Dot-com” into “Dot-boats”

Brent Renneke, associate editor, Boating Industry – Just as boating businesses are starting to become comfortable with social media, another Web development is on the horizon, and, like Facebook and Twitter, it has the potential to make your website more popular than ever before. Responsible for the Internet’s naming system, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is ...

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