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The free trade question

Between working as CEO of a company in the boating industry with global distribution (70 countries) and serving, until recently, as co-chair of the Manufacturing Council’s Trade, Tax Policy and Export Growth Committee (a group of business leaders who advise the U.S. Secretary of Commerce), I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about global trade. Trade was a ...

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Diving in with data

There’s nothing like a quarterly earnings call to pique a trade press editor’s morning interest. It’s my view a conference call filled with data and industry insights from one or more company leaders rivals the jump-start a really good cup of coffee provides, especially if the call in question is one of the first items of the day. Perhaps a ...

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Manufacturing Day – Looking out for our future!

Pretty much any time a group of my fellow CEOs get together, the discussion will eventually head toward what many of us describe as our biggest challenge – finding good employees. At Correct Craft, we have manufacturing plants across the U.S. and we offer competitive pay and benefits; however, it is still a challenge to find the employees we need ...

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Incorporating hospitality offerings effectively

While a niche segment, the marina business is very much a part of a wide spectrum of industries, including hospitality. IGY Marinas has already played in this space, expanding our F&B restaurant brand, Fat Turtle and owning/operating Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina in the Hamptons/Montauk area. Taking this further, we’ve recently launched our hospitality division, as our team has ...

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How to get a Verified badge for your dealership

Verifying your local business page (your dealership page) adds a layer of legitimacy to your social media presence can help customers feel more confident when they engage with your dealership on Facebook and increases your page’s visibility in search results. What is a verified page, you ask? For a local business page like a dealership, the verification symbol is a ...

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Is boating for the middle class?

Ever since the Department of Labor announced its final rule on overtime pay, I have been reading articles for different groups to gauge reactions. One from National Public Radio particularly caught my eye. The article from NPR covering the impact of the final rule is part of a series called “Hangin’ On,” covering the economic pressures of American life. In the ...

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