Upgrade your email subject lines with these top five words

An interesting look at email marketing by MarketingProfs gives us some good data on what works for an email subject line.

Digging into a study of 21 billion emails across 2,500 brands, they found that a few words provided the most interaction.

So here’s a glance at some of the best and worst words to use in your subject line and how much their inclusion adds or detracts from interactions. Just remember, that one word doesn’t make a subject line.

The Best Words

Upgrade +65.7%
Just +64.8%
Content +59%
Go +55.8%
Wonderful +55.1%

It’s no big surprise that these actionable, positive words give emails a little boost. But these poop-performing words might be a surprise to some of the best email marketers.

The Worst Words

Miss -4.60%
Deals! -4.38%
Groovy -4.26%
Conditions -4.04%
Friday! -4.00%

Of course this should all be taken with a grain of salt. If you’re emailing customers about a 60s-themed party at the marina on Friday, then there’s almost no way of avoiding some of the worst words.

Overall, it’s a good reminder not to sound spammy in your email headline. Can you think of anyone who would click on an email that said, “Don’t Miss these Groovy Deals! Ends Friday!” I know I wouldn’t!

So just go upgrade your content and have a wonderful time!

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