What can you get for $5?

If someone asked me a few weeks ago what I could get for $5, I would have a short list including soup, a piece of bread and maybe a head of cabbage. But now that paltry sum looks less like a sad, Soviet-era grocery bill.

What changed? Well, I rediscovered a site that entrepreneurs, outsourcing gurus and growth hackers have been touting for a few years now: Fiverr.

The site began in 2010 as a place for people to post things they would do for $5. There were a lot of people offering to put up fliers at their college, silly custom videos and low-quality copywriting. It was interesting, but ultimately frivolous at launch. But scores of professional freelancers and a few million dollars in funding over the past five years have turned the site into an outsourcing hit.

From branding consultation, to logo design, small web projects and oodles of custom content services, Fiverr is a great source busy business owners to skip past the learning curve and get what they need in short order. There is also a built-in review system so people who aren’t looking to vet an offshore freelancer can get insight from the cloud crowd.

I wanted to try it out for myself, so I helped an entrepreneur friend get a logo through the system. I wound up buying a logo from a very nice (and very highly-rated) Indian freelancer. In less than 24 hours, I had a professional logo with three major tweaks to the design.

It wound up costing $15 total with an extra format costing me an additional $10 or two “gigs.” I told that to my designer friend Julie and she very nearly slapped me – I know she wanted to. She, of course, is annoyed that the outsourcing overseas is not quite as risky or confusing as it used to be. Entrepreneurs and business owners, however, are reaping the benefits.

Take a look at your business wish lists and consider tapping into the polished new era or outsourcing – after all, it’s only $5.

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