Academy Award Winner Has Boating Connection

By Mike Davin, online editor, Boating Industry As a big movie buff, I was interested to learn that Wally Pfister, who won the Oscar for Best Cinematography on Sunday for his work on “Inception,” has a marine industry connection.

It turns out that back in 2007, Wally directed the short film “Good Run” for Discover Boating. The group has made the film available on their site here:

Pfister’s cinematography skills are on display throughout the video, which features some interesting lighting effects from the very first shot. Overall, he’s had a pretty interesting career working with director Christopher Nolan, who was behind “Inception” as well as the recent “Batman” films. You can find Pfister’s complete resume here.

As Discover Boating gets going again, it’s interesting to look back on what the program was producing prior to the recession. For the sake of the industry, let’s hope their next project ends up producing some awards of its own.

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