Miami approaches

By Mike Davin, online editor, Boating Industry As a heads up, both Liz Walz and I will be in Miami next week during the boat show. If you recognize us from the mugshots that appear on this blog — or you spot our Boating Industry shirts — please come up and introduce yourselves. (And when you do, please forgive our blindingly white complexions. Our home offices have been bathed in snow for the past several months, not sunshine.)

We’ll be doing a lot of interviews about how the show is going and what people expect for the remainder of 2011, and any insight you can provide is always welcome. In addition, we’re always happy to take feedback on what you’d like to see the magazine focus on in the coming months. And if you aren’t going to be there, feel free to share your thoughts on those topics below.

For the rest of you – see you in Miami!

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