Industry optimism mixed in May

If you’re a reader of the print edition or the digital version of that print edition, you’ve probably noticed our Boating Industry Index. It’s our monthly measure of how BI readers are feeling about the current state of the industry.

The survey base is a mix of dealers, marina owners, manufacturers, service providers, etc.

This month, though, we ended up having to cut that information at the last minute to make room for some additional ads (always a good problem to have!), so I figured I’d share it with you here on the website.

A reading of zero means equal numbers of people are experiencing or expect growth as contraction, so any number above zero is a positive. We ask readers to look at two factors: current conditions (now vs. a year ago) and future expectations (outlook for the next three months vs. the same time a year ago.)

This month’s results show that the cold spring slowed down activity in April and May, but for most readers it was still above 2013 levels. On a positive note, readers are still expecting to have a great summer.

Current Conditions

  • March 59.2
  • April 45.1
  • May 40.9

Future Expectations

  • March 68.5
  • April 70.4
  • May 67.9

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