Brunswick joins automakers in paring down offerings

jon_mohr1As in the auto industry, where companies like GM are narrowing their focus by eliminating brands and models to help lure customers back – which the New York Times discussed in a story today – Brunswick has made the decision to discontinue its Maxum line, which has been around since 1988. You can read the details here.

What do you think? Did Maxum fill a unique niche in Brunswick’s portfolio, or will other general recreation brands like Bayliner and Sea Ray be able to pick up the slack?

And given that Brunswick still owns more than a dozen boat brands in the U.S., do you think we’ll see more casualties before the end of the recession?

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  1. Jon,
    Absolutely there will be more elimination of product lines. There has to be in order to make the cuts, and lean the business’. The one thing that dealers should be watching is GM’s program to sell current model year inventory on ebay. That is totally blowing the doors off of the dealer territory idea that the boating manufacturers have been so “controlling” of. The consumers will dictate how business is done, not the manufacturers.

  2. As a consumer reading this,I hope that Lund Boat Co. does not become one of them. As a fisherman,this is a brand that needs to stay around because
    there are alot of fishermen who rely on Lund. In the next six to eight months,if all goes according to plan,I am considering purchase of another
    Lund boat that I will be trading an old Sea Nymph boat for!

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