A heartfelt thank you from an MDCE newbie

I’m on my fourth day of MDCE and you’d think I’d be exhausted by now, hiding in a booth with the comfiest couch in a corner where no one could find me. This is far from true – I couldn’t be more energized.

In my first 3-4 months here at Boating Industry, I’ve learned quite a bit about the marine industry’s concerns through interviews, webinars, Top 100 planning and more, but I feel as though I am learning the most right now while I am in sunny Orlando talking with you, sitting in during sessions and pre-conference workshops.

I’ve already said this to a number of the dealers and exhibitors I’ve spoken with, but the spirit in this industry is so inspiring. You’re down at MDCE to learn best practices, absorb as much knowledge as possible and take well-informed information back to your dealership, and I see how ready you are for the task. But in addition to all the education you’re receiving, you’ve also been teaching me how to best serve you. It’s something I value and hope to return in dividends for years to come.

So from the newest member of the Boating Industry staff, thank you for making me feel welcome and transferring your energy to me. I can’t wait to bring that drive back to snowy Minnesota (or maybe I can…) to utilize it in providing intelligence for your business.

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