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At Correct Craft and our companies, we have a reading culture that has significantly contributed to our success. We talk about the importance of being “learners” vs. “knowers” and reading plays a key role in our focus on continuous improvement; at pretty much any given time some group of our team is working through a book.

Our team knows I love to read and often I will recommend a book to someone if I think it will help them – it is what our team calls “getting booked!”

While I enjoy sharing books and having people share with me their suggested reads there is no way I could list the hundreds of books that have influenced me. So, I thought I would start this first blog (yep, look for at least one more book blog) with some of the books that have influenced me the most by providing the below list of what I consider “must reads” for business leaders:

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey) – A classic I have read three or four times and taught numerous times. This book will change your life.
  • Start with Why (Sinek) – A powerful book that set the tone for Correct Craft when we began expanding several years ago.
  • The Advantage (Lencioni) – All Lencioni’s books are great and this one summarizes some of his key principles – healthy organizations have functional teams and clarity. As a side note, several years ago I sat next to Lencioni on a plane – what a great guy.
  • Innovator’s Dilemma (Christenson) – A classic that was written years ago but reading this book will help you realize how close you may be to going out of business. I spent a week at Harvard studying under Christenson and his theories will change your thinking in important ways.
  • Mindset (Dweck) – An influential book that helps people realize that the biggest thing holding them back is their own thinking.
  • Leadership and Self Deception (The Arbinger Institute) – By deceiving ourselves we limit of effectiveness and happiness – this book is a wakeup call.
  • Being Wrong (Schultz) – An earth shaking book that explains how we can feel so right while being so wrong – this book will expand your thinking in a big way.
  • Derailed (Irwin) – When great leaders fail it is almost always for the same reason – pride. All leaders should read Derailed.
  • Six Thinking Hats (deBono) – Explains why we get trapped in our way of viewing things and provides a great tool for expanding the thinking of teams.
  • Switch (Heath and Heath) – Helps companies understand why change is so difficult and gives tools to help drive transformation.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People (Carnegie) – A classic on how to deal with people.
  • Good to Great (Collins) – This book has fallen out of favor because some of the companies featured have failed. However, it is still full of great principles that can help any business.


There are many great books and it was very difficult for me to pick a few of the top books business leaders should read. I am certain others would add or take away from the above list, however, these books have impacted me and I am confident they can will change your life, your teams, and your business.

Bill Yeargin is the president and CEO of Correct Craft.

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