Businesses need to come full circle with community support

Every business has a desire to make a difference in its community. In times of crisis it is more important than ever to rally together to provide support where it is needed.

When local businesses and communities band together to support a common community goal, the recovery from natural disasters and other unexpected emergency situations is much faster, however, when an entire industry teams up with the local businesses and communities, the recovery time can be further expedited.

An industry brings to bear a much more diverse set of stakeholders and can consist of suppliers, vendors, clients, customers, media outlets, supporting trades etc.

It’s imperative for business leaders who are connected to these stakeholders to inspire support of distressed communities.

Starting the Discussions

Opening the line of communication is important to inspire an industry to gather support for a community.

Businesses are generally already working together throughout the year on multiple projects for their communities, however, reaching out to those smaller businesses that may not be aware of the projects create full camaraderie among competitors.

With larger and highly respected businesses leading the group project, smaller businesses are provided with additional scale and support and gain a sense of partnership with their fellow tradesmen.

Once the businesses have come together as their own community, they can begin the process of inspiring their industry.

Reaching Out

Repetition of a similar message throughout businesses within an industry provides a sense of unity.

This single message provides industry professionals and customers with assurance the message is strong and beneficial for everyone involved.

It is necessary for everyone to promote the same simple message and call to action because even one conflicting statement can cause doubt. With the community and businesses all promoting the same message, it can then be pushed out to industry stakeholders.

Meeting face to face is the strongest marketing tool, and while it is not always the fastest, it is a quick way to gain some scale to your message that can then be spread out via a host of traditional and social media outlets.

Once customers and clients start receiving the consistent message from the businesses and community, customers and clients will react positively and spread the message.

Inspired Industry

Industry stakeholders are more confident contributing to a community that is inspired, inspires others and has a simple call to action. As business leaders, generating and supporting a message will motivate others to support a common goal of rejuvenating the economy, invigorate businesses, which ultimately pays dividends back to stakeholders in the long run.

Tom Mukamal serves as CEO of IGY Marinas. For more information on IGY Marinas or its collection of marina destinations, visit

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