iPhone 7 will be water-resistant

Rarely does the announcement of Apple’s latest phone have a huge impact on our industry. After all, we’re trying to get people off their phones and on the water.

However, Apple’s introduction yesterday of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will certainly impact the boating industry: The new phones are now, according to Apple, water-resistant.

The new models are able to accomplish this through the removal of a headphone jack, where water can often enter the phone and turn it into a brick (I’m painfully aware of how this works after my husband gave my iPhone a shower via spilling a full glass of water on it and not getting all the water out of the headphone jack).

Whether or not this means a phone can be completely submerged in water temporarily and survive is to be determined, but to klutzes and water enthusiasts alike, this is likely a very exciting announcement. I joked about this never happening in a very early blog at Boating Industry. Technology, am I right, guys?

What does this mean for boating? Well, for one, customers who are a lot less skittish about bringing their technology on boats, thus more willing to take photos and share memories. It means if you were afraid to create any technology in the marine industry because it wouldn’t be wise to bring an iPhone on the water, it’s time to start innovating.

It probably won’t have a dramatic effect on the industry, considering many customers may opt to buy older models that are now cheaper, or are Android or Blackberry users (do those exist? I wouldn’t know because I’m a Millennial, a generation proudly sponsored by Apple). Still, it’s exciting to see technology move in this direction. It can only benefit our industry in the long term.

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