Take charge of your own marine industry career

I have the privilege of taking charge of an upcoming special supplement – Women Making Waves – for Boating Industry, which will run as a part of our October issue and independently at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. It has been a joy to dive deep into a pool of candidates who have all done such wonderful work in our industry and learn more about their experiences.

As would surprise no one who has seen me at a press event or a trade show, I am a young woman in the marine industry. I’m still starting out, still learning. So reading about the spanning careers of women who have navigated such unique paths in boating is a bit awe-inspiring. I can only hope anyone who reads the supplement feels the same.

Being such a young professional, I’m always open and ready for advice about how I can make my career stronger and more fulfilling, so I solicited advice from our candidates hoping – selfishly – that their responses would be an inspiration to me but also to other young professionals.

Unsurprisingly, I got some great tips (and if you are a young person in the boating industry, I highly suggest you pick it up and read it), and among the varying answers they all had the same theme: Learn as much as you can and it will help you take charge of your career. The stories of these women have been stories of professionals who didn’t let someone else guide their career – they charted their own course. And they never stopped learning along the way.

If you are a young professional, your best asset is your own tenacity. If you’re feeling stagnant, seek out your own opportunities. Approach your managers and ask for the experiences you want. It’s the only way to make your mark, in this industry or any other.

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