Inspired Instagram users more likely to engage in products than other mobile users

More and more marine industry brands are developing a presence on Instagram recently, and understandably so: According to GlobalWebIndex, Instagram is among the top three fastest-growing social networks in 2015. If you have yet to add Instagram to your digital marketing strategy, it may be time to do so. (And if you’re looking for accounts to follow, we are on Instagram @boatingindustry)

A recent article looks at how Instagram can be more than just a brand awareness tool for businesses ­– it can translate to engagement and tangible sales. Many brands on Instagram have already seen success, but it is not without effort. If you do Instagram right, it can be a valuable marketing tool.

However, you have to rethink your tactics just a bit, as hard sales will not work with these users. It’s a difference between informing and persuading.

“That’s the Instagram difference. To engage the present-day consumer, you have to inspire in order to sell. So, rather than push products, help to portray how your products can be used.”

But you have to make it easy for them to take action once they are inspired.

“Sharing inspirational imagery consistently, while at the same time making it easy for Instagram fans to take action on that content, is key for brands that are prioritizing Instagram as a revenue channel. It’s a powerful combination; consumers who click through from Instagram to product pages are frequently more engaged than other mobile users.”

Everything this article asserts about Instagram being beneficial for businesses makes Instagram a key opportunity for boating. We are such a visual industry and we are already creating editorial images that promote the lifestyle, and utilizing these images of Instagram would be incredibly successful. Show a family on their boat enjoying the water, and it will inspire users to get on the water with their families. Provide an easy way to take action and they follow the sales funnel to purchasing their own boat.

If you'd like to read more about how Discover Boating is already executing an advertising campaign on Instagram, check out our interview with Carl Blackwell for the 2015 Movers & Shakers awards.


  1. I couldn't agree more!!! We started using Instagram a few months ago and the response we have gotten is very impressive plus we've helped some of our providers sell their products, which is why were in business in the first place.

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