October 2 is National Manufacturing Day

Did you know today is National Presidential Joke Day? Probably not and, let’s be honest, these “national days” have sort of gotten out of hand. However, not all of them are silly; some of them are incredibly relevant to our industry.

Take, for instance, National Manufacturing Day, the first Friday of every October. This day celebrates the men and women behind the creation of our good and services and takes on the task of inspiring young people to pursue careers in manufacturing and engineering. The day was first observed in 2011 and last year, President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation making Manufacturing Day an official national day.

As fewer and fewer new professionals enter the marine industry and our seasoned veterans inch closer to their well-earned retirement, we should be prioritizing our efforts toward attracting a younger workforce to the marine industry. National Manufacturing Day offers an excellent platform for us to do just that. The day is less than two months away and marine manufacturers are highly encouraged to get involved.

“As President of NMMA, it is my firm belief that participation in Manufacturing Day is important to the long-term health and success of our industry,” Thom Dammirch said in a recent appeal to marine manufacturers. “Strong representation from the recreational boating community not only ensures that the best young minds apply to our factories, but provides a platform to promote the industry on a national scale. It will expose youth to our industry, assist in government relations, forming industry partnerships and more. This is a great opportunity, and we should not miss out.”

The NMMA will be sharing with its members resources from the National Association of Manufacturers and the NMMA government relations staff is available to help member manufacturers invite local officials to their events.

Recordings of two recent webinars on how to get involved with Manufacturing Day is available for those interested in learning more. Interested parties can also visit www.mfgday.com.

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