Rising lake levels and rising spirits in Texas

I spent most of last week in Texas visiting several companies, meeting with dealers and manufacturers. (You can check out some of the photos on our Facebook page.)

From Dallas to Abilene to Austin, one thing every company had in common was a feeling of optimism. Whether it was Tige Boats increasing production to keep up with demand or dealers hoping rising lake levels will be a boon to sales.

The heavy May rains in Texas certainly wreaked havoc, and in the Dallas area it has meant lake levels that are too high. Despite that, as waters recede, there should be continued growth.

In Austin, though, rising lake levels have been a Godsend, ending years of drought that have made some lakes all but unusable. Dealers there believe this could help them reap big rewards this year and next as pent-up demand comes to the fore.

Lake Travis, in particular, has been hard hit by the last few years and the dealers serving that market have big plans. With the rapid growth of Austin, this market could end up being a sleeping giant now that water is within reach once again.

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