The growing importance of mobile for email, sales

A new study from Movable Ink shows that consumers are not only using their mobile devices for accessing email, they’re more likely to take action based on those emails. The study was based on 1.5 billion emails in the first quarter of 2015.

Some of the key takeaways:

  • 67 percent of emails were opened on a mobile device — 50.1 percent on phones, 16.9 percent on tablets.
  • Apple is dominant in mobile, with 56.9 percent of all emails opened on Apple mobile devices and 9.7 percent on Android mobile devices
  • While desktop users (36.6 percent) are the most likely device to convert to sales, iPhone users are not far behind at 31.1 percent
  • Throughout the entire day, smartphone users are more likely to open emails. However, they make up the biggest share of opens in the early morning. The least likely time is late evening.
  • On desktops, early morning is the slowest time; afternoons are the strongest time.
  • Tablets are weakest mid-day and strongest in the late evening.
  • Trends vary by industry: Nonprofits (52 percent), automotive (45 percent), financial services (44 percent), and travel industries (44 percent) all skew above average for desktop use. Retail (58 percent) has the highest mobile use rate.

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