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As I have been working on the digital marketing article with associate editor Nicholas Upton for the upcoming June/July 2015 issue of Boating Industry, the overwhelming message I have heard from dealers, manufacturers and experts is the need to keep customers engaged in what you’re posting on social media if it is going to be an effective marketing tool.

It of course had me thinking about the brands I engage with the most on social media, and I realized one of the top businesses I find myself interacting with is my local auto service shop.

The company often posts “Are you smarter than a permit driver?” tests, quizzing its customers with questions that would be on a permit test (I always get them right, by the way, and love checking back to affirm my own driving knowledge), or will ask questions about customers’ driving habits. Just this week the shop asked about the length of everyone’s commutes, and I definitely lamented how long my drive has become with the recent construction in Minneapolis. It’s kind of fun to engage with other customers and the dealership to talk about traffic and driving habits.

That's the key word: fun. I enjoy commenting and engaging with my auto shop. Social media is supposed to be fun, even if you are a business!

The casual, comfortable nature that I experience when I visit the shop reaches me even when I’m not getting my oil changed. I don’t ever consider visiting another auto shop, even though the one down the street is technically a little less expensive, because I know my experience at this shop will be a good one and I am reminded of the friendliness I encounter in the store at least twice a week when scrolling through my news feed.

When you’re thinking about social media and digital marketing, remember to reach your customers on a human level and remind them, even when they aren’t inside your doors, how much they enjoy you. That brand awareness is the most effective way a business can utilize its social media presence.

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  1. Cant wait to read the article in the next issue.

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