Keep it clean

I recently took a trip to Long Island to visit some of our Top 100 dealers. Besides the rainy weather (you can see some of my photos on our Facebook page), it was a great trip, with a chance to see the operations of some of the top dealers in action.

There were several great takeaways, but one of the most simple has stuck with me since I got back. It was on my visit to Hampton Watercraft & Marine in Hampton Bays, N.Y. Company owner Tony Villareale was giving me an extensive tour of the location, and with the wind and rain there were plenty of small pieces of garbage that were blowing around.

What jumped out at me was this: Tony stopped to pick up every water bottle, every scrap of paper, every wrapper that had blown on to the property. It's a little thing, but it can have a huge impact.

There are plenty of studies (here's one and here's another) that demonstrate the impact a clean, organized workplace has on worker morale -- not to mention the positive message it sends to customers. And it's hard for any employee to say they shouldn't keep an eye out for trash when the owner is out there doing it, too.

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