Optimistic Miami show sets tone for the year

If boat show season is any indication, we’re in for a heck of a year in the boating industry.

The recent Miami International Boat Show is just the latest to have dealers and manufacturers reporting great activity and sales. I lost count of the number of people who told me on the show floor that it was their “best Miami ever” or best boat show season ever (or at least in years).

With the exception of the Snowpocalypse-affected shows in the parts of the east, reports have been almost universally positive coming out of shows across the country.

More importantly, the positive energy on the show floor was palpable. People were excited to be there and more optimistic about the industry than I’ve seen over the last few years. There was more new product, with several exciting launches from the Volvo Penta Forward Drive to Yamaha’s new FSH jet fishing boats to new engines from several manufacturers, and accessories galore.

The only negative sentiment I heard was about next year’s move to Virginia Key. People are concerned about traffic, a new location, etc. That’s not surprising, as nobody likes change, especially in this industry. I certainly share some of those concerns, but going to give the show organizers the benefit of the doubt that they can pull it off. Hey, if nothing else at least it means not having to stay in another Miami Beach hotel.

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