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Eye of the Beholder

I’m a Best Buy junkie. I’ve bought just about everything that my lifestyle requires — and my wife allows — from the mass electronics retailer: car stereos, Walkmans, MP3 players, printers, a couple DVD players, VCRs before that, an entertainment system, a television, blank CDs and DVDs, and so many music CDs that I need a bookshelf to hold them ...

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Dealers-boat builders reach monumental accord

Marine dealers finally have what they’ve been asking for. A contract. Or at least the foundation for one. A special task force of the National Marine Manufacturers Association announced in early May the creation of guidelines for boat builder manufacturers and their dealers to conduct business. This, after as many as 50 years of dealers asking for such written agreements. ...

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Gigantic steps

It was just a few short months ago that we tackled the issue of manufacturer-dealer contracts on these pages. The introduction of Cobalt Boats’ dealer agreement appeared to mark the beginning of a new era, an era in which the marine industry would make gigantic steps in solidifying the true partnership between its manufacturers and dealers. In reality, though, the ...

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