Take care of your employees

By Kris Carroll, president, Grady-White Boats

Employees are like customers. It is easier to maintain your present customer/employee base than to find new ones. The key to a great relationship is clear and open communication in a trusting environment. Here is one very effective communication system in our company:

Weekly, each leader asks his/her employees “what obstacles did you encounter this past week that disrupted the effectiveness and enjoyment of your work.” These obstacles/problems are listed on a wall chart which is in clear view at all times. As the problems are solved, and crossed off the chart, everyone is encouraged to solve their problems instead of “stuffing them,” which leaves them unhappy, unproductive and drained of energy.

The best way to attract new customers is through word of mouth from happy customers. The best way to attract new employees is through word of mouth from happy employees.

This contribution is one in a series of solutions to the industry’s challenges as offered by female boating business professionals for the March 2008 issue of Boating Industry magazine. To view the article, Leading the way, including links to the entire list of solutions, click here.

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