Seek the right people and keep them

By Fran Galati, Human Resource director, Galati Yacht Sales, LLC, Anna Maria, Fla.

A challenge the marine industry faces is finding and retaining the right team member for the right job. As the Human Resource director, I have implemented the following initiatives as an innovative solution to this challenge:

Hiring Techniques – The first step Galati Yacht Sales (GYS) takes is to have several managers interview a candidate. That candidate then takes a Disc Profile specific to the position they are applying for. The results of the Disc Profile helps gain an understanding of their primary style and adapted style. It also helps with understanding the candidate’s communication barriers and builders. The Profile specifies their potential strengths, and performance motivators. Due to the fact that the Marine industry is unique, when hiring a new Team Member it’s important to place emphasis on their character. The key is to find someone with the character traits that fit your company’s philosophy.

Tools – Each new employee receives a Team Member Information Kit that is over and above the company handbook. This kit provides our company’s SOP, Contact Info, Org. Charts…etc. which then filters into department specific information. This uniquely designed kit provides a smooth transition for the new team member by setting the stage for effective communicate throughout the company. This ultimately benefits both parties.

Training – GYS feels strongly about giving team members the training and tools they need to succeed. One action GYS takes is making sure that all the members of Team Galati are active in Marine Product, Sales, and Compliance training. To keep our vision moving full speed ahead GYS has developed a Management iPod Training. On a quarterly basis, motivational and inspirational books such as Good to Great and Built to Last by Jim Collins are downloaded onto iPods and are distributed to the entire management team.

Your best customer is a well trained and satisfied team member. This allows GYS to carry out our mission statement “To Consistently Exceed the Expectations of our Customers.”

This contribution is one in a series of solutions to the industry’s challenges as offered by female boating business professionals for the March 2008 issue of Boating Industry magazine. To view the article, Leading the way, including links to the entire list of solutions, click here.

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