Best In Class: Slalom Shop Boats & Yachts

Darrell Wilson has set the groundwork for incredible growth. Once a waterski sales rep for Slalom Shop Boats and Yachts (Ranked 6), Wilson purchased the Lewisville, Texas-based dealership 12 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He drives the company with the goal of creating an atmosphere where boating enthusiasts can experience the ultimate collection of quality boats and yachts, along with all of the latest toys that go with them. To that end, Slalom Shop has developed and marketed its own academy for the different types of boats it sells. There’s a Slalom Shop Yachting School, Boating School and Rider’s School that caters to the needs of each type of Slalom Shop customer. And the company has become the highest-ranking dealer with 1 or 2 stores by using what Wilson calls the three Ps: a collection of the most respected Product, sold in the finest Place in north Texas, by the best People in the industry.

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