Best In Class: Parks Marina

When it comes to pure atmosphere, there may not be a dealership that better portrays the boating dream than Parks Marina (Ranked 9). Located in Okoboji, Iowa, Parks has used a tiki theme and a host of additional attractions to become the preeminent boat dealer in the Iowa Great Lakes area. The company runs differently from most. In fact, ownership claims to have an incredibly low net profit – because it has one of the most extensive employee profit-sharing programs around – and it says that it has “figured out how to make ‘money at advertising,’” by creating two lakeside lounges and “family playgrounds” that drive boaters to them. It’s that overall atmosphere that helps Parks run the largest Crownline rendezvous in the nation (in Iowa, mind you). And it’s that family playground mentality that motivated at least 12 of the company’s customers to compete to write the theme song for the company’s Barefoot Bar. The surroundings make it a great destination. Capitalizing on the strategy makes it a Top 100 Best in Class award recipient as the highest-ranking dealer with 3 or 4 stores.

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