Best In Class: Gordy’s Lakefront Marine

It may come as a surprise that a dealer that does so well at being everything to all people can do so with just one boat line. Gordy’s Lakefront Marine (Ranked 15) accomplishes the task, however, by creating a community among its employees and customers. Located in Lake Geneva, Wis., Gordy’s sells only Cobalt Boats and has done so well with its strategy that it continues to grow at an outrageous clip. By way of an excellent branding campaign and a customer focus that has delivered a 97.4 CSI, the company has built its business and has continued funding its growth. After reviewing each department and “focusing on the unique opportunities each has to capture an experience,” Gordy’s invested more than $1 million in improvements, new initiatives and acquisitions. But “regardless of any growth opportunities we might take on, we believe it is critical that we do not sacrifice what has brought us to our current level of success: a commitment to deliver exceptional products and services in the unique Gordy style.” It’s that well-rounded thinking that makes Gordy’s the highest-ranking dealer with only one boat line.

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