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Now that US Marine has started to make some money, it’s been able to develop lots of new boat models across all of its brands.

The 175 Bowrider has been a key component in the turnaround of US Marine, and a new 195 Bowrider is due in early 2005 to try and capture share in the second-largest (19 foot) boat segment. Bayliner also plans to bring new deck boats to market in the future, ranging from 19 to 23 feet (two in 2005 and five in 2006).

New Bayliner cruisers are on the way, including the 325 Cruiser, which will debut in the third quarter of 2005, and the 265 Cruiser, which will also hit the market this year. Bayliner plans to step up cruiser production big time in the next four year with 10 to 14 new models, and it predicts a 50-percent volume growth and a 9- to 11-percent share growth with those new models.

Maxum is launching the 1900 SR3 and 2400 SR3 in 2005 and plans a 2600 SE and 2800 SE model within the next two years.

Meanwhile, Trophy plans a 93-percent increase in SKUs over the next four years, including new versions of existing models and new boat-types. New for 2005 is a 1952 stern drive Walkaround, a 1902 outboard Walkaround, and a 2302 Walkaround with a optional twin-engine setup. Future planned models include a 2102 Walkaround outboard and a 2152 stern-drive Walkaround. Trophy plans four new bay boats in 2006 and one skiff in `06, along with four additional skiffs in 2007.

The key in the development of all of these new models is that they won’t attack the position of existing product that US Marine or Brunswick Boat Group manufacture, according to the division.

Also important is preventing the product from aging too much. Boats will get updated every three (runabouts) or five (cruisers and fish boats) years to keep them fresh, US Marine said.

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