Weekly 5: The top 10 economic charts of 2012


Christopher Gerber (CGerber@BoatingIndustry.com)
December 28, 2012
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Editor’s Note: This is a special Friday edition of the Weekly 5. The BI Weekly 5 is a collection of tips, news and data affecting the boating industry this week. Be sure to look for the BI Weekly 5 every Tuesday on BoatingIndustry.com

1. The top 10 economic charts of 2012

Who doesn’t love a good chart? The Wall Street Journal showcases its top 10 economic charts of the year, explaining everything from where we spend our money to what drives the economy.

2. Florida boaters get new app

Boaters in Florida’s Lee County can use what is believed to be the first of it’s kind: the Lee Waterways App.

The app gives boaters everything they need to boat in Lee County, including GPS locations of reefs and other underwater obstacles, updated fishing regulations, boating safety information and more.

3. Home prices hit a milestone

Although consumer confidence continues to take short-term hit over fiscal cliff worries, the long-term outlook continues to look good. That’s especially true in the housing market, where some of the biggest bears of the last few years are decidedly optimistic.

"The tide has changed," said Ivy Zelman, chief executive of research firm Zelman & Associates. "People feel it's OK to go back into residential real estate—it's no longer taboo—and that change in sentiment could have a very powerful effect."

Read more from Yahoo Finance and the Wall Street Journal.

4. SEO trends for 2013

The Google algorithms are constantly changing, making search engine optimization a big challenge. Here’s a guide from Small Business Trends on what you (or your Web guys) need to keep an eye on in 2013.

5. Direct mail in a high-tech age

And while social media and other digital marketing is important, let’s not forget the old reliable of direct mail. Forbes has a guide on how your company can use direct mail with Google+ to make it even more powerful.


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