Social Media Monday: Balancing quantity on Facebook


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By Jonathan Sweet
September 3, 2013
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A special post-holiday Tuesday edition of Social Media Monday, where we answer your social media questions.

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This week, we’ve got a question from a dealer about how to balance the amount of time spent posting.

How do you balance putting more out there – more posts, more comments, etc. – but avoid posting too often?

A lot of social media content is good, but you can certainly overwhelm the audience. You definitely don’t want to post too much – but what’s too much?

That’s going to depend on your audience. The best way to tell is to simply track their interaction with your content. What happens when you post multiple times in a day? Do fewer people click through, retweet or like your content? Does it stay constant?

There’s a lot of trial and error to this, but you can use the tools on Facebook, for example to track some of this. More useful would be one of the dashboard tools, such as those offered by Engaged! and Boat Trader, which offer more robust statistics about interaction, success of individual posts, trends, etc. (Full disclosure: Boating Industry does business with both of these companies.)

While every audience is different, dealers I have talked to seem to feel like once or twice a day is a good number for Facebook, with multiple posts a day on Twitter. Take that for what it’s worth – your mileage may vary.

Finally, there’s your company’s bandwidth to consider. What can you get done – approach the problem from that direction. Use that as a starting point for your experimentation. Of course, you can always look at hiring someone to help out when you’re ready to invest in your social media marketing, as we addressed in an earlier article.


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