Social Media Monday: YouTube & SEO


By Jonathan Sweet
August 13, 2013
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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Monday, where we answer your social media questions.

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A question about YouTube this week, answered by Lauren de Vlaming at Dominion Marine Media.

What SEO approaches do you need to do with YouTube?

Treat content you put on YouTube the same way you treat any other content you put on the web — by optimizing like crazy for search.

This includes paying close attention to:

  • Titles and descriptions for your videos
  • Tagging
  • Inbound links (embedded videos)

Additionally, things like the number of comments and positive ratings on your video can boost its search performance. YouTube favors videos that go viral very quickly, so promoting your videos on social, sending them to friends and posting them to your blog/website quickly will have more of an impact when they go up than it will three days later. Speed is the key.


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