Social Media Monday: Tying it all together


By Jonathan Sweet
July 29, 2013
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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Monday, where we answer your social media questions.

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This week’s answer comes from Josh Chiles, CEO of Engaged!

Talk about strategy. How do you incorporate all these tools together?

Strategy is the first step to using social media. It’s the time where you plan ahead and set your goals. You have Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blogging, LinkedIn, YouTube (the list seems to not end). The key to bringing them all together is understanding the strength each platform offers for your business and using those strengths while keeping your message unified.

Facebook is great for reaching the broadest amount of people. Twitter is perfect for niche groups like wakeboarders. And LinkedIn will allow you to target for a more luxurious clientele (for your million dollar yachts).

The strategy is creating your company (brand) message and tweaking it for each platform, each community, each strength to generate the maximum amount of results. That’s the strategy.

Here’s an example of not using strategy that I’m sure everyone can relate to (and if this is you, no hard feelings). Everyday I see those auto posts from Facebook to Twitter. You see that because dealers are trying to save time. But I can almost guarantee they are not generating any results from Twitter and they may tell you Twitter is not worth your time.

But I tell you from experience, if they would take the time to learn how Twitter works they would realize Twitter is just as much about engagement as Facebook (heck, all social media is about building relationships!). Twitter is also a great source for driving traffic to your website or blog. Try it and look at your reporting, you’ll see (you are using reports and data to optimize your social media strategy, right?).


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