Social Media Monday: Sales team on facebook?


Jonathan Sweet
July 22, 2013
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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Monday, where we answer your social media questions.

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This week’s answer comes from Josh Chiles, CEO of Engaged!

How do you get the sales team involved in the company Facebook? We have an administrator who posts on behalf of dealership, but the sales team only gets involved by liking. How do you suggest we get them more involved?

First, set boundaries and goals. Use a company social media policy to set your boundaries (the dos and don'ts). For example, if a customer asks a question about your inventory, who can answer the question? If you don’t have a policy or a process in place then it’s a free for all and you may end up with two salespeople answering the same question. Think about your policy for handling walk-ins. You don’t let your sales team all talk to the same walk-in all at the same time, do you? And what if that customer has a salesperson already assigned to them and another salesperson gets in on the conversation? There’s a lot to think about when bringing your sales team on your Facebook page. The simplest way is by letting them be human and like and comment on posts.

Another really simple idea is to let each salesperson (all employees can do this) write a blog post on your company blog, whether that’s once a week, or once a month. This is one of the best ways to get your sales team involved. Make sure to share each blog post on your social media channels to build your salesperson’s reputation too.

If I owned a dealership, I would first ask if there is anyone who would like to personally use social media to sell more boats (this is what I did when I sold boats at Prince William Marina). Then create public figure Facebook page for each salesperson that’s onboard.

Every salesperson on your team has his or her own strengths. Some are more knowledgeable with cruisers, while another is a rock star with wake boats. This allows you to use the strengths of each salesperson to target different groups of people.

Add their public figure Facebook page to your social media management dashboard. This gives you administrative access to their Facebook page to post content, review engagement and see reports. Ask your salesperson to post content “x” amount of times per week.

To fill in the blanks, use your social media editorial calendar to schedule and share some of the same content you’re posting on your company Facebook business on the salespersons Facebook page (this can all be done easily in a social media management dashboard). This keeps your most important information, announcements and content (your message) synced across these multiple profiles.


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