Social Media Monday: Adding inventory on Facebook


By Jonathan Sweet
July 16, 2013
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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Monday, where we answer your social media questions.

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This week’s question is answered by Josh Chiles, CEO of Engaged!

I see more and more businesses adding inventory to Facebook. Is that something you would recommend?

The quick answer, yes. If you have a low cost way to add your inventory to your Facebook page you should. The simple reason for this is impressions. Every time your customers are on a page that represents your company, you should have as much relevant information as possible (and your inventory is very relevant!).

The reason I say low cost is because most of your engagement happens from the News Feed (unless you’re driving traffic to your Facebook page of course). Our clients (which are all in the marine industry) average tens of thousands of views from the News Feed while just thousands of app views (but every view counts).

Another question is once a Facebook user is on your Facebook business page, what do they do? For our clients, their community spends an average of 70 percent of their time on their Timeline (the main page). The other 30 percent is spent on the different apps such as Events, Lead Generation, About, Photos and other apps (which could be your inventory - if it’s even on your Facebook page).

The lowest cost way to add your inventory to your Facebook page is by using an iFrame. An iFrame is basically a window (or frame) that can be inserted in a web page, like a Facebook canvas app, to display content from another web page, such as your website. Here’s an example using an iFrame to display Prince William Marina’s inventory on their Facebook.

When using an iFrame, the most important rule to remember is that Facebook’s canvas is only 810 pixels wide. If your website is wider (which nearly all are) then your website may not display as nicely as my example above. (I actually resized Prince William Marina's website in the iFrame to fit within Facebook’s canvas width).


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