Social Media Monday: Is Pinterest viable for dealers?


Jonathan Sweet
May 13, 2013
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In reading previous comments, it does not appear that dealers are using Pinterest at all. Is this really a viable tool for dealers?

Answered by Josh Chiles, CEO of Engaged!

Pinterest is a fascinating social network (I myself lose track of time exploring content there). But marine dealers in general are not using Pinterest (although there are a few who do) and it's really easy to understand why. But that does not mean they shouldn't be using it. The main reason as to why dealers are not taking full advantage of Pinterest is time. Do you really have time to run your dealership and manage a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ page, write a blog post, monitor your reputation on Yelp, Google+ and (and the entire web for that matter); keep up with your editorial calendar for posting content to all those different sites, commenting back to questions or comments from your community, checking your analytics to see what's working and change what's not, keep up with all the changes to all of the different social media sites; and then upload pictures to Pinterest or search Pinterest for relevant content to re-pin and keep up with the latest changes to Pinterest itself? No, of course not.

Which brings me to the second reason why marine dealers in general are not using Pinterest ... content. Pinterest is picture oriented which takes more time to put together than, say, writing a tweet or Facebook post. And one of the biggest benefits to using Pinterest is driving traffic to products on your website or valuable content (like an infographic on wakeboarding) on your blog.

If you have the time (and the content) to add Pinterest as part of your social media marketing strategy, you should. Because the benefits of the added traffic to your website outweigh the time it takes. Oh, and one more thing, since Pinterest can drive traffic to your website or blog, and it has a pretty big user base accessing their site via mobile devices, you need to make sure your website is ready for Smartphones and Tablets (which is another topic entirely).



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