Social Media Monday: Building a Twitter following


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Jonathan Sweet
April 29, 2013
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Welcome to this week’s Social Media Monday, where we answer your social media questions.

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How do you recommend building a Twitter following?

Answered by Lauren de Vlaming, Dominion Marine Media

Tweet. Retweet. Repeat.

Twitter is like any other social platform. It's about sharing your content, starting the conversation and engaging in existing conversations. You can't just step into Twitter, pump your information out and expect people to follow you. They want to engage with someone.

I also recommend creating lists and getting included on lists.

How can social media be used in hiring experienced boat mechanics and yacht detailers?

Answered by Neal Harrell, Brooks Marine Group

I'd say social media probably isn't your best bet for finding experienced boat mechanics and yacht detailers. Instead, I'd suggest looking around at your local community colleges and trade schools to see if they offer courses geared towards mechanics. Another way would be to post this position with your local marine trade association. See if you can run an ad in their newsletter. If you still want to give social media a try, use LinkedIn to look for boat mechanics and post the openings on your Facebook page, asking your “Friends” to “Share” the post.

What (if any) are the guidelines in determining how much to budget toward social media efforts?

Answered by Josh Chiles, Engaged!

As with any successful business, you need to understand your finances and form a budget. Lets say your marketing budget is 10 percent but you haven't started using (or budgeting) social media yet. Your first step is to look at what you’re spending your budget on and the results each unit generates. You can take your lower performing marketing units and move that budget to social media marketing.

Maybe that's $1,000 a month. Then track your results from your social media marketing campaign to compare against your other ad units to make adjustments. Make sure your budget matches your goals too. If you're using social media for lead generation and to keep current customers in-the-know, your social media budget will pull resources from both your marketing budget and your customer relations budget.

A recent survey I just read said the national average (all industries combined) for a social media marketing budget was between 8 to 10 percent of a company’s overall marketing budget and said this will increase to 20 to 24 percent over the next five years.



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