Social Media Monday: How often to post on Facebook


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Jonathan Sweet
April 15, 2013
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This is the second of our new weekly series, Social Media Monday, where we’ll answer your social media questions. You can read the first one here.

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This week’s answers come courtesy of Lauren de Vlaming, senior engagement manager at Dominion Marine Media:

How often would you recommend posting on Facebook? Do you think everyday is good? I find content can sometimes be hard.

Creating content IS the hardest part of social media. But you can expand your vaults by sharing other people's content (Facebook is a sharing service, after all.)  Posting varies for each business. Some companies create one highly engaging post per day, and some post more often, sometimes up to six times a day. It depends on what you have to say and how important that is to your audience. You can experiment with your number of posts each day to watch how your audience reacts. But I would say try to engage at least once a day.

How does one control "trolls" who make it a mission to post nothing but negative comments? Do you block and/or delete them?

If you truly have a troll who is repetitively disruptive to the conversation (and not someone who's merely dissatisfied with your services), I recommend blocking them. Alternately, if someone has had a poor experience with your brand, social media is a chance to provide stellar customer service.

What do you put on Instagram?

Pretty pictures. Coupons. Event flyers. The possibilities are endless.


2 Responses to “Social Media Monday: How often to post on Facebook”

  1. Wilson Bennett on April 16th, 2013 3:18 pm

    In reading previous comments, it does not appear that dealers are using Pinterest at all. Is this really a viable tool for dealers? Thanks.


    American Marine Reply:

    We are a dealership that has recently started to use Pinterest, and we have learned a few things. If you're looking specifically to impact sales, Pinterest is probably not the place to do so. However, it is a great place to engage your customers, build relationships, and to get higher brand recognition. Unlike the relational aspects of Twitter or Facebook where someone typically needs to find you or "like" your page, on Pinterest interesting pictures or links go viral pretty quickly and anyone can "repin" your content or follow your boards. If you have several customers that are on Pinterest, it will also give you a better look into their likes & interests which can help you to tailor promotions, events, etc.

    One other thing to note is that unlike other social media outlets, Pinterest users are currently largely female, though like all social media at is expanding and changing as we speak. Make of that what you will. With as often as marketing (especially in the marine industry) seems to be tailored towards men as "decision makers", this may be a good way to reach a seemingly untapped market?


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