Sea Ray launches new models, features at Homecoming event


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September 17, 2012
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Sea Ray hosted more than 500 Sea Ray owners and dealers at the first ever Sea Ray Homecoming celebration.

The event also served as the launching of its 2013 lineup, which features several new boats, lead by the new 370 Venture and 510 Sundancer.

Sea Ray is investing millions of dollars in product development and engineering over the next several years and plans to introduce an average of five to six new models a year over the next five years. Product investment is at its highest level since 2006, Sea Ray President Rob Parmentier said.

Among the boats Sea Ray was showing off in Knoxville:

  • 370 Venture (pictured) – Probably the highlight of the event, the new 37-footer is built around Mercury Verado outboards. The hidden outboards have allowed Sea Ray to create a larger cockpit and transom area than on its traditional 370 models. Throughout the week, dealers and owners were lined-up to get a ride on the new cruiser.
  • 510 Sundancer – Sea Ray’s most spacious sport yacht ever, the 510’s angled, oversized hull windows give it a graceful look on the water and great lighting throughout the interior. The 510 is part of Sea Ray’s continued efforts to raise the luxury level of the brand, Parmentier says.
  • 240 Sundancer – The redesigned 240 Sundancer features improved cockpit comfort and a triangular layout that makes it easier for riders to talk with each other and the driver. The 240’s cabin features a master bed and second double bunk, as well as plenty of storage room.
  • 230 SLX – The latest edition to the SLX Series of bowriders is the first Sea Ray boat to feature Active Trim Control. ATC uses large, triangular trim tabs mounted underneath the hull to automatically keep the boat level in changing speed and sea conditions. The option optimizes the boat’s performance and running attitude, and also changes wake shape to improve the quality of waterskiing and wakeboarding.
  • Quiet Ride technology – Although previously available on the SLX 250, Sea Ray continues to roll out its sound-dampening technology. Quiet Ride is now available on 270 SLX and 300 SLX, with more models planned.

Boating Industry also got a sneak peek at the new 350 Sundancer model. Although we’ve been sworn to secrecy, we can tell you there are some very nice upgrades and a nicely redesigned cabin that should impress buyers when it hits production next year.


5 Responses to “Sea Ray launches new models, features at Homecoming event”

  1. Bayboater on September 18th, 2012 11:01 am

    I was at the event and went onboard the (so-called) 370. They add so much to the LOA with the outboard compartments that this "370" actually only gives you the room of about a 30 to 32' boat. Sure, there's plenty of hoopla to go around, but the conversations away from the ears of the S/R suits was that it will be a hard-sell to the die-hard (and well devoted) inboard fans. Funny thing was, quite a few "lookers" mentioned the old Bayliner L-Drive when they saw the outboards and they chuckled when they saw the "elephant" trunk cowlings. I wouldn't touch one (as an owner)with a ten foot dock pole...


  2. james braselton on September 23rd, 2012 12:12 am

    hi there your wrong 37' boat with out boards gives you room of 42' boat becuase out boars are on the transom mount not inside the boat


    Bayboater Reply:

    Dude, have you even seen this boat? You yourself state that outboards are mounted on the transom and not inside the boat. Guess what? On this boat, the outboards are mounted "inside". At least six feet of boat extends beyond the interior transom that the outboards are mounted on. Hence my comment on it actually being a smaller (cabin usable) boat.


  3. Arch on October 1st, 2012 6:03 pm

    RIDICULOUS to mention L-Drive and this outboard application in the same sentence. Anybody that attempts to even imply the two have anything in common is truly misquided (not my first choice of words).


  4. TONY FRANQUIZ on October 6th, 2012 2:44 pm

    I only saw pictures of this boat in a catalog, but so far I like it. I want to see one up close before i make a deceision on yea or nay. On the one hand you have a question of whether or not this is an actual 37' boat. Where are they measuring from? I remember the Sea Rays in the 90's where they did not count the pulpit or the platform so the actual lenght overall was closer to 40'. Also it was a nice and beamy back then. i am thinking specifically the 1997 to 2000 370EC, actually measured 41' from platform to pulpit, 39.5' from transom to pulpit and a 14' beam and it was classified as a sport yacht. The new 37da measures 37'6" from end of platform to tip of bow and only has a 12' beam and is classified as a sport cruiser. the venture is 37'2" with a 11'3" beam. I saw the engine pods, normally on an inboard boat, that would be storage, because the engine would be below deck. These verados, sit up a little bit. As for as the elephant trunk, I don't know if that is for the rigging or is it an air duct? I understand it is a lot quieter and a lot lighter than a conventional inboard boat.. there still has to be a "bilge" or underdeck compartment for the fuel tank(s), generator (5.0 Kohler), water heater, water tanks, vacuflush sewage system components, batteries, heater etc.... Also, the engines are essentially mercury verado 300hp's. By moving them "inboard" do they change the classifications and regulations following inboard or outboard boats? If the boat is measured from the platform, then maybe it would be considered inboard. Now if the boat were measured at the transom, then I assume it would be considered and outboard, because it is "outboard" of the transom. This is comparable in overall size to the new 37da where once again it is measured from platform to tip of bow. Also, this is probably a lower cost alternative to the new emission control i/o's with the Axxius system. This would have all the smartcraft functionalty, I am assuming it also has the joystick and maybe the skyhook feature which is pretty cool. The weight is a lot less than the i/o, probably less complicated and the power to weight ratio is probably the same or maybe even a little better. I have seen pics of the interior and they look pretty nice and maybe even a little spartan. The aft cabin is the main berth with a dinette in front, that probably converts to a sleeper, a small head with shower and sink on the starboard and a small galley on the port side. Overall nice boat. I know I rambled on about this, but I am excited to see this new product.


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