Pure Watercraft enters electric boat market


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Christopher Gerber (CGerber@BoatingIndustry.com)
August 24, 2012
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Pure Watercraft, the latest company to try to make a splash in the electric boat market, is about nine months away from bringing a 20-plus-foot, 280-horsepower electric boat to market, said Andy Rebele, founder of Pure Watercraft.

Rebele said the power train is already developed and was successfully tested in a 21-foot Cobalt model. Pure Watercraft is currently developing its first hull, which will be lighter than a gas-powered hull.

As a long-time boat owner, Rebele said his motivation for Pure Watercraft was to create a better boating experience void of the loud engine noise, gas expense and fumes.

“It is less about saving the world and more about an amazingly better boating experience,” Rebele said.

Range for the 280-horsepower boat is dependent on speed. With the boat running four to five miles per hour, the battery lasts about 12 hours. At speeds of 25 to 30 miles per hour, the battery lasts about an hour, according to Rebele. The battery in the prototype lasts for roughly 2,000 cycles of full charge and drain.

Pure Watercraft’s most direct competitors are electric boats made by Epic and Nautique Boats. Rebele said his company’s advantage is its development of the hull specifically based on the boat’s power train, rather than conforming an already existing hull.

“We think if we do this right, we can create a better performing boat at a lower cost than people doing the hull and power train separately,” he said.

With the final product not yet completed, Rebele said the exact price point of the boat is yet to be decided, but it will be “significantly higher” than traditionally powered boats.

Distribution for Pure Watercraft is also to be determined, with options including selling the models strictly through the website or going through dealers who will work to sell them.

If you would like to see Pure Watercraft’s power train in action, AllThingsD.com recently posted a video of its testing in a 21-foot Cobalt model, as well as an interview with Rebele.


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  1. keith pearce on September 4th, 2012 12:26 pm

    I have a system where you have full power no range restrictions and cost of the fuel ZERO


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