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Using data to improve your sales and marketing


Ask many small business owners in the marine industry how they study trends in their market and you’ll hear a similar answer. Whether it be dealers, manufacturers, marinas or others that touch the water, all too often the answer is some variation on “We talk to our customers” or “We’re on the lake every weekend.” While certainly important, anecdotal evidence ...

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Sales in a world of everything digital

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With a huge increase in digital marketing methods – social media, email marketing and search engine optimization – and a decrease in the effectiveness of traditional marketing, it’s time that we also re-evaluate methods of sales. What used to work in the “good old days” might just be a thing of the past. Why do people go online first? It’s ...

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7 ‘must-dos’ this fall for a spectacular 2017


Wow, another busy summer selling season in the books. I trust it was a good one for you and yet know that 2017 can be even better … if you’re willing to do the work. One major issue dealers share with me is they just don’t get the important work done in the offseason because it is just too darn ...

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23 ways to improve your sales performance

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Too many salespeople either fail completely or never really succeed because they think that selling is about them. It isn’t. It’s about customers—and customers only. Here are 23 ways to improve your sales performance by getting better focused on customers: Look for the demons and dreams. In other words, be alert to a customer’s hopes and fears—what they want to ...

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From the Archives: 18 solutions to boost sales


For most dealers, the market continues to be strong, but that doesn't mean it can't get better. After all, who can't use more sales? This article, originally published in 2014, offers 18 dealer-proven ways to boost sales. We gathered information from dealers across North America about how they’re increasing sales of boats, engines and more. We’ve organized the tips by ...

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7 ways to create credibility and trust in sales


Most customers would like to believe salespeople. But they’ve been burned so often they don’t let themselves do it. And that’s why salespeople make the mistake of trying to overcome distrust by “playing the part,” offering phony friendliness, or making exaggerated claims. All of that only further complicates their predicament. Happily, there are salespeople who refuse to be tainted with ...

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Matt Sellhorst joins Boating Industry as columnist

Author and consultant Matt Sellhorst will be joining the Boating Industry team as a regular columnist starting with the May issue of the magazine. Sellhorst is the author of “Marine Marketing Strategies” and head profits coach at Boat Dealer Profits. Sellhorst was also the winner of the 2015 MDCE Best Ideas Contest, a winner of Boating Industry’s Movers and Shakers ...

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How to build a top-notch sales operation


Today’s customer is a complicated individual. They are more skeptical and less impulsive, and they do more online research before purchasing than ever before. They are interested, but their lives are so busy that they can’t stay focused. They have more money than during the recession, but they aren’t sure if they want to spend it just yet. How do ...

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Sellhorst and MasterCraft dealer partner on free webinar

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Chris Lamanna, owner of NorCal MasterCraft, has teamed up with Matt Sellhorst of Boat Dealer Profits to deliver a webinar, “How to Boost Profits with the Telephone,” on September 10 at 12:00 and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. During this webinar, Lamanna will share his 35 years of marine industry experience and his dealership's recent return to the ...

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