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Annual medals, awards to be presented at 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – SNAME will present its annual medals and awards at the 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention (formerly the SNAME Annual Meeting & Expo), October 20-25 at the Hyatt Regency Houston in Houston, Texas.

Registration is now open at www.sname.org/smc. Early registration and corporate discounts are available.

SNAME will recognize four individuals for their outstanding contributions to naval architecture, marine engineering or ocean engineering and ship research. The annual achievement medals will be presented at the SNAME Annual Banquet, on Thursday, October 23, 2014, held in conjunction with the 2014 SNAME Maritime Convention in Houston, Texas.

THE DAVID W. TAYLOR MEDAL for notable achievement in naval architecture and/or marine engineering will be presented to Howard Fireman, Vice President, Operational & Environmental Performance, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

THE VICE ADMIRAL EMORY S. “JERRY” LAND MEDAL for outstanding accomplishment in the marine field will be presented to David Rathburn, CEO, US Joiner LLC.

THE DAVIDSON MEDAL for outstanding scientific accomplishment in marine research will be presented to Prof. Jorgen J. Jensen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Mechanical Engineering.

THE WILLIAM M. KENNEDY AWARD for outstanding service and contribution in the development of systems and planning applying to shipbuilding and repair will be presented to Albert L. Bossier Jr., Former President (Retired), Avondale Shipyards.

SNAME will present the following awards at the Annual Awards Luncheon on Friday, October 24, 2014.

Membership Certificates representing 50 years of SNAME membership will be presented to Eric Birksted, Charles J. Cannon III, Allen Chin, James Arthur Claffey, H. Paul Cojeen, Capt. John Madison Cox, Agnar Erlingsson, Philip A. Fecher Jr., Vincent J. Ferraro Jr., Alan A. Gilbert, Robert J. Golden, James Joseph Goodwin, Gerald Stephen Hanley, Peter Emerson Jaquith, Robert Frederick Kress, Thomas Samuel Leeper, Trevor Lewis-Jones, Emilio F. Malvicini, Henry S. Marcus, Terry A. McKay, Louis H. Mensen, Dave S. Miller, David G. Moorhead, Dr. Bruce Crawford Nehrling, Salvatore Nicotra, Jay Eldon Paris Jr., Michael Owen Poynor, Gude P. Rao, Richard C. Rodi, Dr. Thomas E. Schellin, Louis G. Scliris, Dr. Robert A. Sielski, Joel D. Snyder III, Alexander B. Stavovy, Edward C. Stewart, Capt. Edmund C. Mortimer, Dr. Bruce H. Adee, Fred C. Bailey, Aubrey H. Burrow, Pham Chopra, Prof. Jose Femenia, Peter Goldbeck-Lowe, Salvadore J. Guarino, Subba Rao Kodali, Alexander C. Landsburg, George Livadas, Daniel Joseph Mahler, Foster T. Manning, David P. Martin, Arne J. Martinsen, E Michael McGrath, Hans F. Muhlert, Paul W. Risseeuw, Charles D. Rose, Capt. Kent M. Savage, John J. Slager, Joseph W. Snedden Jr., Edward John Stock, Charles Reynolds Strommer, Dr. Peter Michael Swift, Gurbachan Singh Virk, David Brice Waller, William A. Wood, David B. Wyman, Bernard John Young, Paul P. Zankich, Prof. Horst Nowacki, Edward W.H. Clendenning and Howard A. Chatterton Jr.

THE 2014 ELMER L. HANN AWARD for the best paper presented at the Ship Production Symposium, will be presented to Jung Seo Park, Jae Hoon Kim, Jong Gye Shin, and Kwang Hee Ko for their paper “Improved Triangle Heating for Automated Thermal Forming System.”

The Linnard Prize is presented to the author(s) of the best paper contributed to the Proceedings of the Society, as recommended by the Annual Meeting Papers Committee. The 2014 American Bureau of Shipping-Captain Joseph H. Linnard Prize will be presented to Apostolos Papanikolaou for his paper “GOALDS – Goal Based Damage Stability of Passenger Ships.”

This award is presented to the author of the best peer-reviewed paper published by the Society from conferences, symposia, “Featured Papers”, non ship production papers of the Journal of Ship Production and Design, and non archival papers presented at the Annual Meeting. The 2014 Vice Admiral E. L. Cochrane Award will be presented to Bruce Johnson, William Lasher, Matt Erdman, Jan Miles, and Bill Curry for their paper “Uncertainties in the Wind-Heel Analysis of Traditional Sailing Vessels: The Challenges It Presents for Forensic Analysis of Sailing Incidents” presented at the 24th Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, March 2013.

Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding, dedicated service to the Society will be presented to:

Rosalind Perry Martin, Administrative Assistant, Naval Engineering Education Center (NEEC, for her contribution to the support of the NEEC program.

Athanasios Kyratsous, President of the ELKCO Marine Group of Companies, for continuous and outstanding support of SNAME, with the Greek Section and the SNAME European Regional Office (SERO) since 2002.

David Helgerson and Alexander Landsburg for their efforts in the Headquarters relocation from Jersey City, NJ to Alexandria, VA.

The 2014 DSA award “for dedicated personal service and/or technical contributions to the Society” will be presented to David Singer.

The Faculty Advisor of the Year Award is presented to a Faculty Advisor from a SNAME Student Section for his/her leadership and service qualities that have contributed to the program and operations of a Student Section of the Society. The 2014 Award will be presented to Michael Kazek, California Maritime Academy Student Section. In addition to recognizing an outstanding Faculty Advisor, thanks to a generous donation by Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson, a $5,000 Scholarship, namely, the Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student member from the California Maritime Academy Student Section.

THE 2014 STUDENT PAPER AWARDS are awarded for the preparation and presentation of papers of outstanding merit and originality at the student level contributed to a meeting of the Society or one of the Sections.

Graduate Paper Honor Prize
Lu Wang for his paper “Nonlinear Waves Generated by a Moving Pressure Patch in Arbitrary Water Depth and the Implied Zero-Wave-Resistance (ZWR) Conditions” presented at the Northern California Section on March 19, 2014.

Graduate Paper Award
LT Jeff White, LT Matt Williams, and LT Ryan Zachar for their paper “LCS heavy Lift Tender (AL-1).”presented at the New England Section on February 27, 2014.

Undergraduate Paper Honor Prize
Connor R. Timmins for his paper “Yaw Stability of a Recreational Stepped Planing Hull” presented at the Chesapeake Section on April 24, 2014.

Undergraduate Paper Award
Max Caballero, David Carrier, Jack Hamel and Lexie Ludewig for their paper “Design of a Dual-Fueled, New Panamax Containership” presented at the New England Section on February 27, 2014.

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