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Baja Marine announces a law enforcement order for 22 boats

By Baja Marine

WASHINGTON, N.C. – Baja Marine, parent company of the Baja, Donzi, Fountain and Pro-Line fishing and performance boat brands, is pleased to announce it has signed a contract to build 22 boats for a Commercial buyer. The details of the agreement remain confidential; however, Baja Marine CEO Johnny Walker revealed that the order is for 16 Pro-Line boats and 6 Fountains, and which will be used for on-water law enforcement. Construction already has begun on the new Commercial order at Baja Marine’s factory in Washington, N.C.

Baja Marine’s Pro-Line and Fountain brands are designed to stand up equally well to the demands of a tournament angler and the challenges of law enforcement patrols. They are built to be durable, reliable, comfortable, and above all, to provide the performance and handling you need, when you need it.

“This new Commercial contract was the result of a joint effort between Baja Marine’s Engineering Manager/Commercial Sales Co-ordinator David Hardison and Carol Price, our vice president of Administration. They both have done an outstanding job in keeping our Commercial order book filled,” said Walker. “The commercial side of our business continues to be a great supplement to our recreational boat manufacturing operations, and it is growing quickly. We will build more than 50 commercial boats this year, which is almost double the number we delivered last year.

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