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Denny Salas named executive director of the WSIA

By Water Sports Industry Association

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Water Sports Industry Association announced the hiring of Denny Salas as the new executive director effective August 1, 2014. Working formerly with the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, Salas impressed the WSIA’s Board Of Directors with his presentation at the 2014 Summit In The Snow, which identified him as a candidate for this prestigious position.

Brian Gardner, co-chair of the WSIA’s executive committee, is pleased to find a professional with this specific experience. “After an extensive interviewing process, we found Denny to have the exact skill set we were looking for; a strong background in government relations, fundraising and boating industry contacts, as well as a strong financial acumen and boundless enthusiasm,” Gardner said. Salas has spent the last three years as the political action committee manager for the NMMA. Prior to that, he has held several positions within the political arena as well as three years as stockbroker. 

Salas is excited to help protect and improve the boating lifestyle for years to come. “I have always had a great passion for watersports,” Salas said. “It has helped me maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Promoting and sharing this passion with others is my goal as we focus on continuing to grow this sector of the industry. My goal is to work with the members and staff as we develop a clear vision to take this association to the next level. Leading the WSIA will be a great honor, and I am thankful that the WSIA has selected me for this opportunity.”

Salas will reside in Orlando, Florida to build on the tremendous progress made within the association over the last thirty years. Salas will be attending Surf Expo, so be sure to stop by for an introduction at the WSIA booth.

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  1. Eric himmelreich

    Congrats Mr. Salas on your position.I read your article in Boating Magazine and thought you made some valid points. As a lake house owner and a bass fisherman I think that the most important aspect of all boaters is to learn to be courteous and respect others on the water. I,m 58 years old and seen everything possible on the water from nut cases on jet skis jumping my wake way to close to bass boats going full blast on foggy morning! I have wakeboard boats come buzzing right next to me as I am trying to fish at dusk and drinkers in yachts almost run me over in broad daylight! There is no reason for any of these things to occur. I think boating is a privilige and not a right and until we instill this in all types of enthusiast we will continue to have selfish and dangerous behavior on the water. I am not sure we need more access until we learn to behave on the water we are currently boating on!


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