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New DiscoverBoating.com introduced, traffic to site surges in 2014

By Discover Boating

As the Discover Boating ramps up for the summer season, the new DiscoverBoating.com was launched this week showcasing the brand’s new look and featuring a host of new content, easy to use navigation, and interactive tools. The website is also now completely compatible with any tablet or mobile device.

Efforts to enhance traffic to DiscoverBoating.com during off season in the last six months are paying off.  Visits to the website since October 2014 have increased 40% compared to the same time period last year, to nearly one million visitors. Nearly 40% of the site visits during this time came from organic keyword search efforts on Google and Yahoo, and DiscoverBoating.com ranks number one on Google organic search with more than 660 keywords driving qualified visitors to the site.
The average amount of time people are spending on the site also increased by 42% to more than two minutes – an indication that Discover Boating is driving more relevant traffic to the website delivering content that interests boaters and boating enthusiasts.
The most visited content on DiscoverBoating.com, making up for 61% of all site traffic, includes anything related to buying a new boat:  the boat selector tool, boat finance calculator, boat brands search pages, etc., indicating the majority of visitors are a highly engaged audience of interested buyers.  Furthermore, there were 541,229 visits to manufacturer websites from DiscoverBoating.com, an increase of 90% from the same period last year.
It’s also notable that 29 percent of the visitors to DiscoverBoating.com were return visitors while 71 percent were first-timers. The return visitors represented a 143 percent increase from a year ago, a clear indication that efforts are strong to make the Discover Boating brand recognized in search engines and considered valuable as the source to return to for additional information.

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