Boating United urges ethanol action

Nicholas Upton
May 6, 2014
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In hopes of steering the conversation on Capitol Hill, Boating United is calling for anyone in the boating industry to contact their congressional representatives.

The grassroots activism arm of the National Marine Manufacturers Association says that without public outcry, the ethanol mandate and E15 could be implemented without objection.

Lobbying efforts earlier this year paid off, but the NMMA is keeping the pressure on congress to steer clear of the bump from 10% to 15% ethanol in gasoline.

To that end, Boating United created a form to make contacting congress easy.

Send a note to your representative to make your voice heard on the renewable fuel standards.


One Response to “Boating United urges ethanol action”

  1. Greg Suldan on May 7th, 2014 8:34 am

    During the last few years, our business has seen the affects that E10 has had on our customers boats. Phase separation has caused problems with carburetors and fuel tanks in as little time as 3 weeks. The time that it takes to remove and rebuild carburetors, clean and flush fuel tanks can be quite time consuming and expensive. These are expenses that should not be necessary or have to be dealt with.


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