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Landing School announces women in the marine industry initiative

By The Landing School

ARUNDEL, Maine -- The Landing School, a post-secondary institution focused on educating tomorrow’s marine industry professionals, is pleased to announce the development of a community program, the Women in the Marine Industry Initiative.

Developed by The Landing School, the intent of this initiative is to support women who are in or wish to join the marine industry in Maine and beyond. The primary goal of the program is to inspire, educate and lead women to a fulfilling and successful career in the marine industry with confidence and pride.

The marine industry in Maine and nationally is enjoying a great deal of success. However, women haven’t always been made aware of the excellent career opportunities that await them. The Women in the Marine Industry Initiative endeavors to raise awareness among women across the country that pursuing a career in the marine industry is both rewarding and worthwhile. In order for this initiative to be successful it will take members from across the industry coming together to create a network of resources.

The Mission

To promote the participation of women in the marine industry worldwide through networking opportunities, an endowed scholarship, mentoring and empowerment initiatives. Our mission is driven by IDEAS:


Value yourself and others

Honor your commitments

Lead by example


Maintain a work/family balance

Take pride in what you do

Strive for excellence


Use resources fully and wisely

Focus on what you do best

Ideas first, action second


Express your vision

Encourage bold ideas

Seek and embrace change


We want to be the best-known resource in Maine and the nation for women who want to join the marine industry no matter what their age, economic background or ethnicity.

How will we get there?

Focus on Potential

By focusing our efforts on an individual’s potential we remove the focus on obstacles.

Establish a Scholarship

The financial obstacles to obtaining the education and training for a career are significant for many women across the country. By establishing a scholarship program focused on women we can help them reach their career and life goals.

Create a Safety Net

Mentors can make a true difference in a young woman’s life. By offering guidance throughout her career, mentors can play a significant part in her success as well as those who follow her.

Remove Obstacles

Help women understand that there are obstacles that can be overcome with guidance, financial support for education, and a commitment to reaching goals.

Career Campaign

Creating a career awareness campaign will help more young women realize that joining the marine industry is an investment in their future and one that can be highly rewarding.

Members of the community can help by committing to participate in one of several ways.

  • Act as a collaborator
  • Become a mentor
  • Offer internship opportunities
  • Contribute to a scholarship fund
  • Provide tuition matching
  • Become a thought leader by presenting ideas at events, symposiums or conferences

“This initiative is coming at an optimal time,” said Barry Acker, Director of Industry Relations, The Landing School. “The industry is enjoying an economic surge, bringing with it a great deal of career opportunities. That coupled with the desire and need for a community initiative of this kind, that will support the continued diversification of our industry, makes for a winning situation for everyone involved.”

If you’d like to help with this initiative you can do something as simple as spread the word. But if you’d like to be involved at a deeper level simply contact the Women in the Marine Industry Initiative at mailto:info@wimii.org or visit http://www.wimii.org.

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