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Nautic Global Group trains dealers at NGG University

By Nautic Global Group

ELKHART, IN, December 23, 2013 — As the very first manufacturer to formalize an intensive product training program for its dealer network, Godfrey Marine was a pioneer in helping educate sales teams and give them the detailed information consumers demanded. Now, Nautic Global Group continues that tradition with its NGG University training sessions, including a national event last week in Las Vegas.

More than 60 representatives from dealerships around the country converged on the MGM Grand Hotel for sessions ranging from new product introductions, significant model year changes, and strategies for competitive selling during the upcoming boat show season. The training also includes revised information on new standard features and options, as well as new value packages combining some of the most-requested consumer add-ons.

“NGG University is an important opportunity for us to spend time with our dealer network to make sure everyone clearly understands the specific products and how they fit into the overall product mix,” said Doug Sexton, NGG Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We believe that thorough product knowledge is vitally important to ensuring success for the individual sales teams and profitable years for the dealerships.”

The national NGG University kicks off a series of regional training sessions planned to coincide with boat show season around the country. This tradition goes back to the late 1970s when longtime Godfrey Marine sales representatives began educating their North Carolina dealers based on information they collected during factory visits to the company headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.

“We understand that as new products are developed, and existing products are improved, it’s important to share that message with the folks on the front lines at boat shows and in their showrooms,” Sexton said. “It makes our entire organization stronger and gives the consumer the information they need to make educated decisions.”

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