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Torqeedo unveils new service center

By Torqeedo

Increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction, Torqeedo has recently revamped and expanded its service center. Located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, the leader in electric propulsion can repair and troubleshoot 8-10 motors a day in its new 50' x 50' space.

Customers can rest assured their outboards are receiving high-quality treatment as each motor's information is entered into a computerized tracking system when it arrives. This enables service center employees to instantly check the status of any motor at the facility and makes assisting customers even more efficient. The service center also holds over 5,000 spare parts and an indoor testing facility, with another on the way.

"Our new center and computer system is a full-circle, one-stop shop for service and parts," said Sven Kirchhoff, Torqeedo service and quality manager. "Our customers are always our highest priority. This new system helps makes the entire process, from receiving the motor to shipping it back to the customer, even more efficient."

Torqeedo has 12 certified service centers throughout the US and two in Canada. Its high-tech outboards combine lithium batteries with leading-edge motor technology and propeller design.

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