Dr. Shrink partners with climate expedition

Dr. Shrink
November 5, 2013
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International shrink wrap supplier Dr. Shrink recently partnered with ToptoTop Global Climate Expedition. The company's shrink wrap will be used to protect the expedition vessel, Pachamama, over the winter in Cordova, Alaska and later in Antarctica. ToptoTop plans to achieve a world record by being the first to travel to all climate zones, over the seven seas to the seven summits, using only solar and wind power.

ToptoTop Global Climate Expedition began in 2002 and is a non-profit organization of volunteers from 47 nations. It's based in Switzerland, under the patronage of the United Nations Environment Program and the Swiss government. The yacht, Pachamama, Incan for Mother Earth, is equipped with 11 solar panels and two wind turbines, demonstrating what is possible in extreme conditions with smart renewable technologies.

The expedition is a non-stop sail, cycle and climb journey to the highest mountain of each continent, connecting all climate zones and inspiring students to protect the climate. This world record attempt will be complete approximately in 2016-17. The group will next climb Denali in Alaska and sail through the Northwest Passage, before heading south to climb the last top, Mount Vinson in Antarctica. The ToptoTop expedition has already climbed Mt. Everest, Nepal; Chimborazzo, Ecuador, and Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

"Thanks to the partnership with Dr. Shrink and their shrink wrap products, we are now confident to protect the expedition vessel in this harsh Alaskan climate," said Dario Schwörer, captain.

The Swiss family Schwörer is the core expedition team members. In addition to Captain Dario and wife Sabine, the crew also consists of their four children who were born on the expedition. Alegra the youngest crew on board is two years old, Noé is three, Andri is six and Salina is eight. With the help of volunteers, the Schwörers are engaged in educational activities with schools and universities. So far they have sailed 60,000 nautical miles in their expedition vessel, climbed over 400,000 vertical meters, cycled over 18,000 kilometres and visited over 70,000 students.

They have done environmental clean-ups at each of their destinations. On the current voyage, the Schwörers have cleaned many beaches as well and are looking for volunteers to continue their clean-up events in Alaska.

For further information and live updates on the expedition's progress, please visit the ToptoTop website: www.toptotop.org and blog at www.expedition.toptotop.org.


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